Shooting with Hoda Kobeissi

I’m not the best story teller or professional blogger, but what I do know (reasonably well) is how to use a camera.

Today’s post is about a very talented and well known personality within the local Lebanese community and now very recently, worldwide too!

Hoda Kobeissi participated in and successfully reached the top 12 of Masterchef Australia 2018. She was known as the “pastry queen” for her exceptional pastry making skills that stunned the famous Nigella Lawson and other celebrity chefs.

Not long after her unfortunate exit from the Masterchef kitchen, I took the opportunity to get in touch with her via Instagram and offered to work with her and shoot some of her divine desserts. I honestly did not expect to receive a reply considering how busy she was at the time.

There’s a saying, “if you don’t shout, you won’t sell” and for me this couldn’t have been true-er!

Hoda responded in the affirmative and within a couple of weeks, I was shooting (and eating) some of her succulent pastry’s ranging from sweet to savoury.

Hoda’s pastries are now available at various cafes within Sydney so drop by and check em out!

Thank you once again Hoda for giving Camfoto Photography the opportunity to work with you and we look forward to our next foodie/photography session!

To keep in touch with Hoda’s latest recipes and new dishes, follow her on :

Instagram @hodakobeissi

Facebook – Hoda Kobeissi

Please scroll down to view some of the images from the shoot.

Thank you!